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With so many ups and downs in life you may be finding yourself unable to sleep through the night and spending the day worrying. Thinking about things over and over could leave you feeling tired, down and defeated. Your mood may shift quickly from calm to anger, and you’re not even sure why. This could lead to regret about losing your temper or hurting others in your life. Maybe your thoughts are so overwhelming that it’s difficult to sit still or be alone and you turn to social media, TV, gaming, drinking, shopping or drugs. The pain could become so unbearable that a part of you considers harming yourself or just wants things to end. You can break free and have a fresh start.

I know what it’s like to grow up feeling alone in your family, holding pain inside because it feels like too much for anyone else. I am committed to helping people find freedom from family conditioning, old patterns and stories we feel trapped in. As a queer therapist I know about the pressures to hide or deny parts of ourselves to fit in. I believe healing is possible when we accept the very things we are trying to hide and release the pressure to change them. 

I’m dedicated to helping others break free from codependency or feeling the need to act, think or feel a certain way to please family or others. My journey and experience working with trauma ranging from emotional neglect to religious or domestic abuse has shown me that change happens when we feel inner safety. After working over 12 years combined in the legal environment and federal government I recognize that everyone carries burdens. It is within trusting relationships we learn how to release and let go.

I am a passionate listener and I’m committed to helping people learn to trust themselves. I believe safety helps us trace back to the times in our lives where we disconnected from our inner voice. When we are able to look at the burdens we carry and release them we can recover the parts of ourselves we lost or shut down in order to survive. 

I understand how difficult it is to feel defeated and out of control in your life. Every part of you deserves freedom.You can learn to trust yourself and create a life you are proud of. I am here to support you, let’s connect and get started.

As a trauma informed addictions therapist and LGBTQ+ allied, I integrate and blend a variety of techniques. I approach each client as a unique individual and derive tools from different modalities including but not limited to Internal Family Systems (IFS), Narrative, Compassion Focused, Person Centered, Adlerian,  CBT, Trauma Focused, Culturally Sensitive, Multicultural, Existential, Feminist, Integrative, Mindfulness and Somatics.

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