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You may find yourself feeling like you are surrounded by a forest of pressures and uncertainty in your life. Possibly not knowing what or who you can rely on. Daily pressures may feel like you cannot control your thoughts from going into a downward spiral. Maybe you feel pushed to keep up with what others expect you to do. Ongoing pressures could make you feel the need to be smarter, stronger, tougher, more successful, or to have all the answers, all of the time. Excessive pressures can leave you feeling like no matter what you do, you are failing, letting others down or not meeting your own goals. You may start to act as if everything is ok; controlling or ignoring the pain inside, when holding it in feels like you could explode. It’s ok to let go, surrender control and allow someone to help you.

I believe that our upbringing has a strong effect on the stories we tell ourselves, which may or may not be aligned with the person we strive to be. I became a therapist because I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with the need to perform. I am committed to helping people sort out which feelings, thoughts or stories are true to themselves, better represent who they want to be, and how they honestly feel inside.

Working in community and school counseling centers for over 6 years showed me the importance of developing solid bonds to help people feel anchored and open up. I believe by accepting our human nature we can release control and relate to others on a real, genuine level. As a therapist, I truly care about connecting and listening to peoples’ stories. I have dedicated myself to providing a down to earth, consistent and reliable approach of guiding people toward growth and learning how to trust themselves.

I am devoted to helping people build an inner foundation they can rely on in order to begin understanding the pain inside.I know it can be scary and uncomfortable to uncover the truth of what we think and feel, even to ourselves, but I believe it's HOW we unravel the truth that helps us understand what it means to us.

I understand what it’s like to feel unsure and anxious about how to manage the pressures circulating around you. I am here to help you see the light through the trees and surrender to the uncertainty that life brings. You are the expert of your experiences. You have the power to create change, and have the life you truly strive to live. Feel free to reach out and connect with me.

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