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Your brain may be buzzing with worry, possibly feeling insulted, stepped on, or the urge to run away from what is making you feel this way. You might find yourself imagining better things or better places in your mind. You could even be feeling afraid or scared of the thoughts that are coming up in your mind, making the sadness harder to carry or making you feel more tired. It could be getting difficult to hold onto just one thought, or your mind keeps jumping around trying to hold too many thoughts, some may even get dropped or lost along the way. This may lead you to feeling like you just can’t take it anymore, feeling mad or like you are screaming on the inside and want to let it out. You can let it out, get steady and find balance.

I believe that there are ways to express the things we don’t have words for. My life experiences have taught me how art gives us an additional place within talk therapy to express worries, pain, fears, or anything that feels stuck inside. I believe that our pain is the place where art begins and that any type or form of art media can be a container to hold the hurt for us as we heal.

I know that life can be complicated, confusing and overwhelming. The challenges and difficulties we have faced in our life make up the different parts of who we are. I became a therapist because I realized how important it is to find support for everything we carry within us. I have dedicated myself to helping people trust that all their parts are important and welcome.

When I worked at an art therapy office, located inside an art gallery, I learned how different forms of communicating help people realize or sort out their feelings and find solutions. Imagination and creativity are a powerful part in the healing process. I found that being surrounded by colors, creativity and design in the therapy space encourages people to open bottled up emotions. I believe that exploring holistic and artistic outlets for our feelings, whether that be art, astrology, and greater movements of the universe, over time, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and heal the heavier wounds we carry.

In my lifelong journey toward cultural humility, as a clinical art therapist intern, I am committed to providing a safe, stable space for poly-am affirmation, kink positivity, and Queer folks to exist, rest and offload without the need for explanation.

I understand how it feels to be overwhelmed with worry or feeling scattered with all that is happening in your life. You deserve to feel balanced, to feel stable, and to feel rested. I am here to help and guide you. We will find a way to express the things that lay heavy on your chest together. Let’s connect today.

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